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EDU’s Candidates for MTA President and Vice President are Merrie Najimy and Max Page!

Working together to build a member-driven, social justice union: Merrie Najimy and Max Page, EDU’s candidates for MTA president and vice president respectively.

EDU members have spoken: our nominee for president of the MTA is Merrie Najimy, and for vice-president, Max Page. Click here to read more.

On to the work of getting them elected!

Thank you to all the EDU members who came out to regional forums and cast their votes. Thank you especially to our phenomenal candidates Kelly Henderson, Heidi Lahey, Jessica Wender-Shubow, Jamie Rinaldi, Tim Dwyer, and Deborah Mccarthy.

Click here to learn more about the selection process and Merrie and Max’s vision for building the union we need.

EDU members, fired up after nominating Merrie and Max at the June 24th election meeting.

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